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Romanian Review of Young Researchers








The Romanian Review of Young Researchers (RRYR) is an international, scholarly, peer-revied, open-access quarterly interdisciplinary journal, edited by the Romanian Association of Young Scholars.


RRYR was created as a liberal, open access platform that would enable young scholars to publish the results of their research and to obtain feed-back from peers. The Romanian Review of Young Researchers is keen on publishing the work of PhD., MA and BA students and to promote the academic interests of young researchers.  The aim of this journal is to provide an intellectual platform for young students, while at the same time promoting interdisciplinary studies.



As such, the scopes of the journal include:

  • Anthropology

  • Area studies

  • Cultural and Ethnic studies

  • Communication studies

  • Economics

  • Education

  • Ethics

  • Gender studies

  • Geography

  • Geopolitics

  • Globalisation




We invite young scholars to submit research papers, articles, case studies and book reviews for the summer issue of the Romanian Review of Young Researchers (RRYR) journal. RRYR accepts both quantitative and qualitative studies, particularly those that focus on a interdisciplinary approach - on topic pertaining to the fields of study mentioned above.


All articles submitted for the Romanian Review of Young Researchers are subjected to an initial editor screening and then to a blind, double peer review process – and as such – should meet the standards of scientific significance, originality, clarity and academic rigor.
Submission of an article implies that it is the author's own original work and that it has not been submitted for review at another publication. Finally, all submissions which are not following the required format (as presented in the Author's Guidelines section) will be returned to the authors for modification.


RRYR publishes papers both in English and in Romanian. However, the abstract must be, either case, written in English.




Please submit your paper at by August, 31st 2022. For further instructions, see the Author's Guidelines and download the Call for Papers.


  • History

  • Law

  • Linguistics

  • International Relations

  • Political Science

  • Philosophy

  • Psychology

  • Public Administration

  • Sociology

  • Religion

ISSN 2393-2775

ISSN: 2393-2775


  • Cristina MANOLACHE




  • Anamaria Elena GHEORGHE

  • Sabrina SOTIRIU

  • Bogdan-Florin NAE





  • Cercetător Dr. Lucian Ștefan DUMITRESCU

(Institutul de Științe Politice și Relații Internaționale, Academia Română)


  • Cercetător post-doctoral POSDRU Dr. Ciprian IFTIMOAEI

(Universitatea „Al. I. Cuza”, Iași)


  • Cercetător Dr. Ileana RACHERU

(Institutul Diplomatic Român)


  • Lect. Dr. Mădălina TOMESCU

(Facultatea de Științe Juridice și Administrative, UCDC)


  • Lect. Dr. Alice ZDANOVSCHI

(Facultatea de Științe Juridice și Administrative, UCDC)


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