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The Romanian Association of Young Scholars (RAYS) is delighted to announce the fourth edition of the International Interdisciplinary Doctoral Conference (IIDC 2022). Co-organized with the Faculty of Political Science at the National School of Political Studies and Public Administration (FSP-SNSPA), the aim of this conference is to offer young scholars in Romania and abroad an opportunity to present and publish the results of their research in a friendly, youthful environment.


The International Interdisciplinary Doctoral Conference welcomes contributions on various research topics relevant to contemporary social sciences research. As such, we invite post-doctoral researchers, young faculty staff, doctoral students and MA students from the field of social sciences to participate with papers from the following fields of study (and not only):


  • Political Science;

  • Contemporary/ Modern History;

  • Philosophy and Ethics;

  • Socio-Economic Policies;

  • Finances, National or World Economy;

  • Public Administration;

  • Education and Pedagogical Studies;

  • Law;

  • Sociology;

  • Art and Literary Studies;

  • Religion;

  • Communication and Mass-Media;

  • International Relations and Regional Studies;

  • Equal Opportunities, Gender Studies and Human Rights;

  • Security Studies;

  • EU Studies.


The event will take place on the October, 28th – October, 29th 2022 in Bucharest, Romania. Given the rise in the number of COVID cases in our country, as well as the possiblity of restrictions on public indoor gatherings in the near future, this year’s edition will take place online, via Zoom. You will receive all connection coordinates via e-mail, along with the preliminary programme and Book of Abstracts a week before the conference.


Each of the participants will receive a certificate of attendance issued by the Romanian Association of Young Scholars and the Faculty of Political Science at the National School of Political and Administrative Studies. Please note that you are only required to attend your own pannel so as to present your paper and engage in discussions with the other participants, but we encourage you to participate in other pannels as well, so as to take advantage of this opportunity to make new contacts with your peers.


The final papers will be published in one of the two journals coordinated and edited by RAYS: the Romanian Journal of Social Sciences (ISSN 2457 – 3019) or the Romanian Review of Young Researchers (ISSN 2393 – 2775). You will receive the publication guidelines after the event. The deadline for submitting your papers is November 28th 2022. Please note that a process of peer review takes place after receiving your papers, after which you may be required to do some modifications to your papers before publishing them.

Please send your abstracts by September, 25th 2022 written in English or Romanian to or at They must contain the name, statute and institutional affiliation of the author/authors, the title of the paper and an abstract of 1.500 – 2.000 characters, along with 5 key-words. The candidates whose proposals are accepted will be notified via e-mail.


The participation fee is 250 RON (50 EURO) and should be paid after receiving the notification of acceptance. The fee includes: full participation to the conference activities, proceedings, certificate of attendance, working materials as well as the subsequent publication of the papers.


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