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Apart from academic events and scholarly journals, the Romanian Association of Young Scholars (RAYS) is keen on becoming actively involved in projects that promote research activity among graduate students. RAYS aims at promoting cooperation and peer-networking among PhD. candidates, and as such is committed to offering young researchers the opportunity to actively engage in various projects which would enable them to gain experience.



Doctoral Research Groups (DRGs)


The first such project was to initiate several research groups - Doctoral Research Groups (DRGs) - that would reunite PhD. and MA students with specific common research interests. Each Doctoral Research Group will have 2 coordinators - one of which will be a university professor- and will periodically organize specific activities (workshops, seminars, lectures), as well as initiate projects and publish working papers in accordance with their respective thematic scope. Basically, within these research groups, members are encouraged to exchange ideas, materials, experiences and to actively engage in research activities.


The first Doctoral Research Groups initiated by RAYS are constituted as think-tanks on specific field of study pertaining to social science sphere, such as:












You can apply for one of these groups or you can initiate a new Doctoral Research Group. You can also coordinate a DRG. Contact us at for more details on how you can become involved!

Constitutional Studies
Public Policy Studies
International Relations & Diplomacy Studies
Communist & Post-Communist Studies

RAYS members are also encouraged to join/ initiate a Doctoral Research Group. 


Be part of a networking group of peers with similar research interests and exchange ideas, materials, experiences, initiate projects and publish working papers!


Contact us at for more details!

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